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Every day, millions of quality checks are carried out with the help of our solutions
The checks are proof of the quality of our solutions. ivii raises individual requirements to an established high standard of quality.

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The more complex the challenge, the simpler the solution needs to be. This is the guiding principle behind the software platform we created, which can meet all manner of technical demands.


We believe in having quality checks and correcting errors immediately within the process because the later an error is detected, the more expensive and time-consuming it is to rectify. With the help of our image processing solution and automatic checks within the process, we can guarantee maximum quality and optimum efficiency.


Our solutions help to create a state-of-the-art working environment, in which man and machine work hand in hand. Employees receive immediate feedback on the quality of their work. This reduces costs while also increasing employee satisfaction. Finally, employee experience is incorporated into the system to cultivate a transfer of knowledge within the company. This enable us to help establish a self-learning organization.


Our software is also modular meaning it can be enhanced to facilitate all sorts of innovations. It can still be used even if hardware components such as cameras and sensors are replaced.


Our solutions are developed around KNAPP’s zero-defect philosophy. For you, this means that your systems operate without any errors. We work with you for the entire lifecycle of the solution.


We work in close consultation with you to find the very best solution. Our consulting concept is the perfect mix of innovative approaches and 150 years of combined expertise in image processing.

Understanding is key

We follow a flexible and agile development process in which you are involved every step of the way. We develop your solution over the course of numerous sprint and scrum phases. Regular communication and close cooperation with you guarantees a fast pace, flexibility and quality. The result is precisely the right solution to make your company even more successful.

Let’s talk about it

Even complex demands call for a simple solution. Tell us what you need and we’ll turn it into an image processing solution.


It’s your solution

The ivii-Software comprises three areas – ivii.core, ivii.apps and ivii.cockpit.

The ivii.core is the basic module of the software. All apps and installations are based around it. It can be easily integrated in your software landscape with a single standard interface.

The modular ivii.apps serve as the building blocks for specific functions. Depending on customer requirements, the apps can be combined with one another to form the perfect solution.

The ivii.cockpit is the user interface of the ivii-Software and ensures that the entire solution is easy to use. With the help of ivii.cockpit, your employees are able to maintain the system themselves and get to grips with new features, making the self-learning organization a reality.

The three core elements form the basis of the ivii-Software, which is armed to take on the challenges in your company.

Products & references

We have summarized several of the customer projects we have implemented and the challenges that were overcome in the process, in order to give you an insight into the areas of our expertise. Let’s talk! Feel free to get in touch will our sales colleagues at

Jerich International, AT

Jerich International, headquartered in Gleisdorf near Graz, is an international corporation specializing in logistics solutions worldwide. With around 700 employees at 21 locations worldwide, Jerich offers its customers holistic logistics & supply chain solutions in the areas of transport, scheduling and terminal logistics in an international network.

Business Challenge: 100% quality check of vehicle body parts

Currently, the quality process of the vehicle body parts is the manual six eye principle of employees. 100,000 parts are manually checked for quality per year. Jerich can accept 3 errors by the employees, otherwise they will lose their status as an A-supplier. In the worst-case scenasrio, the production chain at Jerich’s customers is interrupted, resulting in high personnel costs and long delivery times. Jerich can even be banned as a supplier for a short time if several errors occur in a shorter time. Jerich wants to relieve his employees of the enormous pressure by integrating an ivii image processing solution into the process.

ivii.solution: A smart work station equipped with the image processing system of ivii is situated in the goods-out area. This innovative workstation now suggests a manual six eye principle based on a two eyes principle. The image processing system checks the shape, the outer contour length, and the drill holes of the body part. Every detail is recorded and reported to the employee with real-time feedback. The experience of the employees flows into the system, which in turn leads to knowledge transfer in their own company.


  • Immediate error correction in the process
  • Relieving employees and thus focusing on other activities in the process
  • Working with an easy-to-use-system
  • Traceability
  • Reduction of process costs

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Thrifty White Pharmacy, USA

Sector: Pharma

Sector: Pharma

Thrifty White Pharmacy is a leading pharmacy chain, which caters to customers both online and on the ground with highly professional pharmacy services and quality products.

The challenge: Recognizing the tiny differences in the shape and colour of tablets to ensure there are no errors in patient deliveries.

The ivii solution: Our system identifies the tablets, checks the quantity and interprets the patient labels. Optimized lighting ensures reliable recognition despite reflective surfaces.

Alphatron Marine, NLD

Sector: Service

Alphatron Marine has been importing, delivering and installing navigation and communication devices as well as providing technical support on board ships for years. Alphatron is a leading manufacturer and co-manufacturer of all-in-one bridge systems.

The challenge: Technical support needs to be available immediately, all around the world and in any type of weather.

The ivii solution: Our industrial head-mounted display connects experts around the world with technicians on site via audio and video conference technology. The experts guide the technicians through the process and the technician is able to fully concentrate on their work steps thanks to our hands-free solution. The Alphatron Marine crew on board is able to speak directly to the experts in the Alphatron Marine office via a simple communication connection (satellite, 3G or 4G).

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Implantcast, DE

Sector: Medizintechnik

Implantcast is a highly-specialized medical technology from the area around Hamburg. The company offers optimum solutions for individual patients.

The challenge: The employee needs to be supported during goods picking so that they can distribute the suitable packs quickly and completely reliably.

The ivii solution: Our solution detects the packs at the picking station via augmented reality based on datamatrix codes. A beamer illuminates the packs next to be picked, and only these. This boosts quality as well as accelerating the entire picking process.

Pankl Racing AG, AUT

Sector: Industry

Pankl Racing AG is a Styrian company and part of the international group KTM Industries. The High Performance Systems division produces high-grade drivetrains for motorcycles.

The challenge: 100 % monitoring of the assembly steps requires precision down to elements with a thickness of just 0.3 mm. The system must report the quality of the work step immediately and must not be disrupted by natural fluctuations in daylight. A key challenge was programming the correct assembly without prior knowledge of image processing and without the support of the ivii experts.

The ivii solution: Our software combined with a customized camera and lighting concept provides the employee with immediate feedback on the quality of the current work step. The intelligent assistance system from ivii guarantees 100 % traceability and quality assurance. New drivetrains can be taught in easily.

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