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  • 17. January 2019
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Der Chatbot von ivii für bessere Erreichbarkeit

CUI: A new image processing technology? 

No, we’re not talking about an image processing technology. CUI stands for Conversional User Interface and is a brand-new way for humans and machines to communicate. It doesn’t involve a keyboard or even a mouse and instead works solely with spoken language. The best-known form of CUI is a talkbot. One of the following probably rings a bell: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant. These are the most widely known CUI products on the market – and is about to join their ranks. is the chatbot that provides you with information on the ivii website using a keyboard.

On the ivii website, we use a chatbot that comes pretty close to CUI. The communication is currently still in text form, but very soon, you’ll be able to actually speak with our chatbot as well. We didn’t need long to come up with a name for our chatbot; kiwi is the nickname we here at ivii have for our colleagues in the KNAPP group. The is happy to tell you about our company, corporate culture and products – just like a member of our ivii team would do if they met you at a trade fair.

Der Chatbot von ivii für bessere Erreichbarkeit

What advantages does provide users?

The CUI offers a completely different approach. Instead of having to search for information, the chatbot kiwi gives you the answer straight away, saving you valuable time.

The biggest challenge? To define the questions.

Let’s digress: Have you ever watched a science fiction film where a spaceship says “I’m sorry, I don’t know.” when a character asks it for information? Neither have we. We’re accustomed to technology speaking and providing us with answers in science fiction, but in reality, it involves a lot of a hard work. Each question has thousands of answers to choose from. A suitable answer needs to be linked to every possible question a user could ask.

Our development partner Botential handled the underlying technology. We sat down together and collected 100 possible questions about ivii and defined the corresponding answers.

For all those worried about data protection – don’t be. The IP addresses of all users are disguised before being transmitted to Microsoft and Google, so neither company receives any personal data.


What aims do we have for in 2019?

Aim 1: From Chatbot to Talkbot.

Our next aim is the voice function. In 2019, we will teach the chatbot how to speak, enhancing the speech input and output to bring closer to Amazon Alexa. The main advantage for users is that the talkbot will save them time, since speaking is generally much quicker than typing. ist der Chatbot der dir weiterhilft. ist der Chatbot der dir weiterhilft.

Ein weiteres Ziel ist die Interaktion mit Website-Inhalten auf 

Eine zusätzliche Weiterentwicklung ist die tiefere Integration des in die Website: Aktuell erfolgt die gesamte Kommunikation mit in einem eigenen Chatfenster, wie man es zum Beispiel beim Facebook Messenger kennt. Das Ziel ist es, dass auf zur Kommunikation passende Stellen der Website springt, und so dem Benutzer Inhalte wie Grafiken und Videos anzubietet. Man bekommt somit eine 360°-Information von ivii.

Beispiel: „Welche Produkte hat ivii?“ Technische Umsetzung: Der Chatbot springt auf die Produkt-Seite und zeigt Bilder und Videos der Produkte statt nur die Namen der Produkte zu nennen.

Auch eine Verbesserung der Antwortqualität streben wir an. 

Aktuell kennt kiwi 100 Fragen, das ist nur auf den ersten Blick viel. Die zukünftige Erweiterung des Fragenkatalogs wird umgesetzt.

Wo finde ich kiwi? 

Entweder erscheint der Chatbot nach 30 Sekunden automatisch im Browser oder er wartet geduldig auf seinen Einsatz im Menü rechts oben bei der „Suche“.

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