Does the ivii.smartdesk do what it promises?

  • 20. April 2021
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“Create value” with the ivii.smartdesk – a report based on experience from practice. 

Klaus Temmel, Head of Business Unit Partner at ivii GmbH, discusses with a user, whether a simultaneous increase in quality and performance is possible in daily work: Marko Kuchar is a freelance consultant with many years of experience as a supply chain manager in the logistics and automotive industries. 

When was your first contact with the ivii.smartdesk? 

Marko K.: During my work as General Manager Automotive at Jerich International, an international group specializing in logistics solutions. At the time, when the ivii.smartdesk was introduced, I was the project manager at Jerichsaw it in action and also worked with it myself. The ivii.smartdesk has been installed at Jerich for over 2 years now and has helped to significantly increase delivery quality and customer satisfaction. 

Which features of the ivii.smartdesk are particularly worth mentioning for you? 

Marko K.: There are many advantages, but what I like best is the real-time feedback, which informs the user about the correctness of his work steps. As a result, the user receives constant feedback and this leads to a permanent improvement in quality in order to approach the goal of zero defects. The satisfaction and productivity of the workforce increases, the pressure decreases.   

Is there also potential for improvement?  

Marko K.: Actually there isn’t much. One point that comes to my mind is the possibility of using the ivii.smartdesk on a mobile basis. However, as far as I know, work is already being carried out on it and different wheels are being fitted depending on requirements and production conditions. 

How did you benefit from the

Marko K.: I was able to achieve my goals as a supplier / logistician in the automotive industry more easily. The error rate declined to zero, there were hardly any returns, we were able to provide the JustInTime deliveries in a timely manner. At the management level, decisions could be made more optimally on the base of evaluations and statistics. The use of the ivii.smartdesk also resulted in a significant increase in quality, which enabled additional customer orders to be won. 

Would you recommend the ivii.smartdesk 

Marko K.: Definitely, because it greatly eases everyday tasks, both at user and management level. The quality of production can be increased, which in turn brings competitive advantages. 

But what I like best is the flexible application along the value chain: 

The ivii.smartdesk can be used with incoming goods to automatically record and approve parts in terms of quantity and quality. Along the value chain, it can be checked whether the right parts are available in the right quantity, in the right quality and whether the assembly steps comply by using digital work instructions. 

In the outgoing goods department, the assembled products are checked for correctness and the delivery is approved. 

How did you feel about the cooperation with ivii GmbH? 

Marko K.: ivii GmbH attaches great importance to the fact that the product meets the needs of the customers. ivii responds immediately to the customer’s ideas for improvement and implements them promptly, which is a real asset for me. So, I was not only able to bring in wishes and ideas, but also actively help shape their implementation. That creates trust and inspiration! 

In which area are you now active? 

Marko K.: I love changes and like to use my knowledge to improve processes. Based on my experience in various companies in the automotive industry, I have decided to change my career and become self-employed. I am now an independent consultant for supply chain, mainly in the automotive sector. 

Thank you for the open and honest conversation!  

Outlook: In one of my next blog posts, I am looking forward to discussing the digitization of knowledge with experts from business. 

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