Hello Smart Production

  • 29. March 2018
  • products

The requirements placed on production today are immense. Costs should be cut, but not at the expense of productivity, which should be increased. At the same time, quality should be guaranteed to 100 %. Smart production is becoming more and more realistic and is one of the future trends in the development of the global economy. The relationship between workers, machines and services is becoming increasingly intense.

But the interconnection of the production environments is not the only thing we’re witnessing – the production lifecycles are also getting shorter and shorter. In some sectors, as well as the automobile industry, we have pretty much reached single-item lots. We as customers expect to receive individual products at mass-good prices and are almost never willing to pay more for personalized articles. This has a huge impact on production workers – every product changes every single day, with zero error tolerance.

But when is production truly smart?

Is there more to this catchphrase than just a marketing slogan? Here at ivii, we believe that production is smart when it can respond flexibly to customers’ wishes, when the worker is the main focus of the process and when technologies are used to bring knowledge into companies.

The employee must receive the right information at the right time, in the right location, quality and quantity. They must be able to see themselves as part of the bigger picture and see the consequences of their actions.

In this case, the ivii solutions indicate which components need to be installed while also guaranteeing that they are installed correctly. This again assures the employee that they are carrying out their work without any errors, meaning they don’t have to waste time rectifying mistakes and they can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

This ivii solution has been implemented at Pankl Racing Systems AG.

Smart production at Pankl

Pankl requires 100 % quality checking within the assembly process.
Pankl Racing Systems AG, which is headquartered in Kapfenberg, Austria, opted for an intelligent image processing solution integrated in the quality assurance process. And now they’re ready for the future.

Pankl High Performance Systems is a new division of Pankl Racing AG and produces high-quality drivetrains for motorcycle racing.
In 2016, a state-of-the-art production facility was built in Kapfenberg to manufacture the high-performance KTM drivetrains.

The prerequisite: A drivetrain every three minutes

Drivetrains are components of KTM motorcycles that contribute to both performance and quality. The solution had to guarantee maximum quality and end-to-end traceability.

The solution: ivii.smartdesk

Pankl chose the intelligent assistance system ivii.smartdesk to achieve its ambitious goals. The solution enables a 100 % quality check to take place during the assembly process. The image recognition and image processing system of the ivii.smartdesk records every component used during assembly. The check is started at the press of a single button. Thanks to a real-time feedback system, personnel receive an immediate evaluation of the quality of the step taken. As a result, a zero-error strategy is in place to ensure accurate production. The production facilities at Pankl were equipped with four ivii.smartdesk solutions.

Drivetrain assembly with ivii.smartdesk
Green means: Everything is correct.
Red means: Error. The possible error is displayed on the monitor and can be rectified immediately.

The worker is always the focus

We support employees as part of smart production in their day-to-day work.

Our solution assures them that they have carried out each of their work steps correctly. The ivii.smartdesk does not require employees to complete any training, which makes it easy to integrate in the existing work process. This again assures the employee that they are carrying out their work without any errors, meaning they don’t have to waste time rectifying mistakes and they can fully concentrate on the task at hand. We make sure to always focus on the worker.