ivii iriis – the secret is revealed!

  • 8. June 2021
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For some time it has been assumed that ivii will revolutionize the market in the field of digital image processing with a sensational product. Peter Stelzer, CEO of ivii GmbH, explains:
What´s wrong with the rumors?

For which industries is this product interesting?

In the automotive industry, ivii iriis significantly reduces error costs and increases performance. For example, by recognizing defects on surfaces such as scratches on painted parts and cracks in structural parts. Realtime feedback enables an immediate reaction and prevents unnecessary follow-up costs. A highlight: The technology behind ivii iriis enables the user to independently define error features and to automatically incorporate them into the test process.

In the metalworking industry, for example, ivii iriis acts as an assistance system to ensure that assemblies are assembled correctly. The user is guided through the assembly process step by step. The result: Fault-free products are delivered; complaints are avoided.

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Klaus Temmel
mail: klaus.temmel@ivii.eu
phone:+43 (0) 676 8979 7713

In the bakery industry, ivii iriis enables consistently high quality in production and prevents the delivery of products that lead to complaints. Here, too, the result is a reduction in error costs and an increase in performance.

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Gerald Fauland
mail: gerald.fauland@ivii.eu
phone:+43 (0) 676 8979 7743

Details on the start of sales and delivery times for ivii iriis will follow soon.