ivii spotlight: Gerald Fauland, expert for quality intensification in the bakery branch

  • 17. May 2021
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Today our spotlight is on Gerald Fauland, an expert for the bakery branch.

Interview: Elisabeth Gruber with Gerald Faulandexpert for the bakery branch, ivii gmbh

In what area are you responsible at ivii?

Gerald F.: For solutions in qualitiy intensification and the reduction of non-conformity costs in the production of baked goods. That means I take care of all bakers who would like to recognize errors early in the production process and change them in order to avoid reclamations and recalls. The end goal is: The customer enjoys the baked products and the baker enjoys his success.


Bakers love their products and are very precide with regard to quality. What can ivii offer here?

Gerald F.: The human eye can sometimes overlook things. We install a so-called “digital eye” and give an alarm when, for example, doughs are too small, too brown or deformed.

Also the final product is checked:

What expertise do you bring to this position?

Gerald F.: I have years of experience with companies in this branch around the world. Because of this i have been able to collect experience in the food branch as well as in mechanical and industrial engineering.

What additional value can collaboration between a baker and ivii offer?

Short and sweet:

– Increase in process quality
– 100% quality control
– No more returns due to complaints
– Maximizing plant efficiency

What makes you stand out?

Gerald F.: I am open for new things, multicultural and it makes me happy to work with people. I am downed to earth, offer handshake quality and you can talk to me about every thing.

What has been one of your most exciting experiences so far?

Gerald F.: To learn, how many shades of brown an optimal kaiser roll can have (laughs)

When should a baker give you a call?

Gerald F.: At any time. If je wants to advance his business if he wants to have “a digital eye” in the production process to improve quality. Or simply never want to have “burnt” kaiser rolls again (laughs).

Thank you for the interview!

Contact for more information:
Gerald Fauland
Tel.:+43 (0) 676 8979 7743