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  • 4. December 2018
  • inside ivii
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Deck the halls with boughs of holly… and how to find peace of mind with image processing technology by ivii during the Christmas season.

Once Halloween is over, everything seems to fly by: the Christmas markets open, shop windows are decorated, and here and there you can hear the first Christmas carols on the radio – year after year. At ivii, we also get into the Christmas spirit when we send our customers off on their Christmas holidays with peace of mind. What does image processing look like in daily life? And what do image processing and peace of mind have in common? Victoria Tsirigotis in conversation with our image processing expert Roland Jernej.

What is your role at ivii, Roland?

I’m basically a solution consultant and creative mind at ivii. What this means is that I use my technical know-how for feasibility studies in new projects, during the offer submission phase or the project engineering phase. Our customers often approach us with problems such as poor quality or poor performance. I see these problems as an exciting challenge and try to find a technical solution for them. I really like to get my teeth into things like that. 😉

Im Gespräch mit Roland Jernej

You work with image processing technologies every single day. But how do you explain image processing to people who have never heard of it before?

 I try to find a technical solution to something I can visualize and describe with words. Let me show you three different techniques for searching for information in the world of image processing:

  • Identification: How do I find a pattern in this image, for example, a red circle with a white surface? Is there a certain object present in this image?
  • A possible presence check would be: Is there a ballpoint pen in the image or not?
  • The pattern recognition is called classification: I look at an image and see a car.

Our image processing software does all that and much more.

Image processing is an invisible part of our daily life. Can you give us an example of where it can be found?

The best example of image processing technology in our every day lives is traffic sign recognition in assistance systems for cars. A camera is installed on the rear-view mirror of the car facing the road. This camera detects traffic signs and visualizes them on a display using image processing software. According to the previously mentioned tools, this would be an identification: “There is a speed limit of 80 km/h.”

Image processing in vehicles
Image processing in vehicles

So, how do you get #peaceofmind?

You can improve quality by having eight people do a quality check instead of just one person. The downside of this is that the quality check takes up much more time and the process is slowed down, which results in lower throughput. Also, what if this person falls ill or is on holiday? At ivii, we have developed an image processing software to improve the quality of processes without lowering throughput. Quality checks that are normally done visually by a warehouse worker are now carried out by cameras which are connected to the software.

This has the advantage that you no longer depend on a particular person, but instead have an objective quality check. The person who used to carry out the visual checks can now focus on new tasks, such as operating the system or working with the monthly statistics of the ivii image processing system.

The employees work hand in hand with the ivii image processing system, fulfilling their tasks assisted by the system but remain at the centre of the activity.

When it comes to the fully-automatic systems of ivii, you need to worry even less – especially at Christmas time. The fully-automatic systems by ivii perform quality checks 24/7, 365 days a year. In this way, there is no need to worry over the Christmas holidays because quality and performance are guaranteed. There is no better way to find #peaceofmind over the Christmas season.

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We wish you a peaceful Christmas season.

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