Service in tune with the time

  • 15. March 2018
  • products

Machines in factories can suddenly fail and a system can unexpectedly come to a standstill; the customer, however, still expects to receive their goods on time. The problem needs to be rectified as quickly as possible – there’s no time to lose.
To prevent the service technician losing any time on site, they use our ivii.assist head-mounted display to speak to an expert who knows what needs to be done to rectify the particular issue. Uncomplicated and clear communication is critical to detecting the error as quickly as possible and then rectifying it to the appropriate quality.
Immerse yourself in our smart factory in which the human workforce, machines and resources communicate with each other as easily as in a social network.

A picture paints a thousand words.

As we all know, people communicate much more effectively using pictures and videos. With the help of the integrated video communication platform, people from all around the world can connect to one another to resolve issues.

How our solution works
The service technician on site communicates with the expert during troubleshooting via the integrated video communication platform. He sends the expert a snapshot of the incident with just one click. The expert knows right away what needs to be done and guides the technician through the entire process. At the same time, the checks whether each of the individual work steps is carried out correctly or not. The ensures that 100 % quality checks are conducted within the troubleshooting process.
Experts and service technicians around the globe are connected to one another and can rectify issues together, both quickly and in the right quality

This video shows a service call-out in the logistics sector. A defect camera in a system is repaired quickly and in the right quality thanks to our solution.