ivii.smartdesk: workplace of the future

The ivii.smartdesk not only increases quality and performance but also safety. In addition, the ivii.smartdesk is a great solution for the impending shortage of skilled workers as it digitizes expert knowledge.

In 2021, the ivii.smartdesk was awarded as Best Product 2021 by LogiMAT.

Highest quality

The ivii.smartdesk provides employees with real-time feedback on the correctness of each work step. This prevents mistakes from happening in the first place, which also increases employee satisfaction. Another advantage is the end-to-end documentation of the work steps. Expensive error handling and high reclamation costs can be avoided altogether.

Top performance

New employees can be trained quickly and easily and are almost immediately able to carry out work steps independently, at highest performance and without errors.
Each work step is validated and checked for correctness within milliseconds.

Maximum security of investment

The centrepiece of our technology is the image processing software ivii.core. The customers can themselves create and modify new work steps and characteristics for identification. Thanks to the comprehensive documentation, the obligation to produce proof can be easily fulfilled. Insights of one installation can be passed on to other locations thanks to ivii.core.

Smart functions

  • Immediate identification of articles based on their optical features
  • Independent teach-in of new articles
  • Recording of article weight by an integrated scale
  • Digital operating instructions for individual work steps in the assembly process and during order fulfilment
  • Clear presentation of individual analyses, statistics and key figures

Wide range of application

  • Production
  • Goods-in
  • Goods-out
  • Distribution

Your advantages

  • Easy and fast article identification
  • Prevention of confusion
  • Reduced search time
  • Increase of productivity
  • Maximum quality at highest performance
  • Complete employee satisfaction due to the confidence that no errors are made
  • Inspection and work instructions are constantly up-to-date and observed
  • Reduced training time for new employees
  • Optimised decision support based on analyses, statistics and key figures
  • Fulfilment of tracking requirements
  • Prevention of subsequent costs due to teach-in function and self-maintainability
  • Avoidance of error correction costs
  • Avoidance of costs resulting from customer complaints

State-awarded product

In 2019 the federal ministry for digital and economic affairs of the republic of Austria elected the ivii.smartdesk for the state prize under the Top 3 in the category “digital transformation”. (More information on the state award.)

In 2021 the ivii.smartdesk was awarded as “Best Product 2021” in the “Software, Communication, IT” category by LogiMAT. This prize is given to exhibitors for their top performance, which contribute significantly to rationalization, cost savings and increased productivity in internal logistics. (Press release, further information on “Best Product 2021“.)

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Assemblierung von Getrieben mit ivii.smartdesk

ivii.smartdesk in the automotive industry

  • Customer: Pankl Racing Systems

The drivetrain production for KTM motor cycles requires 100% quality assurance to avoid high complaint costs.

The ivii solution: Our software combined with a customized camera and lighting concept provides the employee with immediate feedback on the quality of the current work step. 100 % personalized traceability and quality control is guaranteed. New drivetrains can be programmed easily. The ivii.smartdesk does not require employees to complete any training, which
makes it easy to integrate in the existing work process.

See a video from our customer Pankl Racing System here.

ivii.smartdesk in distribution logistics

  • customer: Jerich International

To meet the high requirements of quality and at the same time support their employees, Jerich was looking for an innovative system. The system should be structured like the human eye – a supportive digital eye. They found it in the ivii.smartdesk with an integrated image processing system and an optimal lighting concept supporting the employees to comply with zero defect production.

Find an exclusive interview with Herbert Jerich Jr. here.

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