intelligent visual image identification –  ivii for short

At ivii, our passion is developing new and innovative technologies for intelligent image processing. Our objectives, a sense of responsibility and openness for new ideas and perspectives are at the heart of all our actions.

ivii – powered by KNAPP

ivii gmbh was founded in April 2016 as a 100 % subsidiary of KNAPP AG. From our beginnings in the substantial, globally active KNAPP group, we have developed into a dynamic independent company looking to conquer the intelligent image processing market. Seven years of intensive research and development laid the foundations for our entry into the market.

ivii.experience – Start-up with a huge background

Collectively, the ivii developers have over 150 years of experience in image processing. In addition to this, they also bring with them skills in the areas of innovation management, marketing, information management, sales and product management. Together, our wide range of diverse expertise are perfect for developing innovative solutions.

Getting better together

We work in close cooperation with you and give you equal say in the creation of our solutions. We work transparently both internally and externally as our aim is to make you better and more efficient with the help of our solutions.

The home of innovative solutions

We carry out our day-to-day work in Dobl, just outside of Graz , where we turn our ideas into creative solutions in the KNAPP Campus, which was built in 2017.


ivii.passion represents our dedication, motivation and the importance of every single employee, as well as the courage to tread new paths.

We are dynamic – agile – passionate

Vitality, flexible work processes and the drive to find solutions are what define our corporate culture. Our open communication serves as the basis for successful customer projects. We work towards solutions with innovative approaches. We actively follow trends, analyse them and integrate them in our daily work.

“We never say no to a challenge!”

This is the motto of the image processing experts, the problem-solvers and project implementers at ivii. If we don’t already have a solution that meets your requirements, we find one. We work closely with you in developing the solution and give you equal say.


Our team is made up of lateral thinkers, problem-solvers, technicians, programmers, sales reps and marketing whizzes. It’s this colourful mix of creative and innovative minds that makes ivii so successful.

Ruth Deimbacher

product owner & image analysis

Gerald Fauland

food industry

Dominik Gigerl

onsite engineer

Martin Gritsch

software development

Elisabeth Gruber


Vladimir Vojnic Hajduk

software development

Christopher Hinteregger

machine learning

Susanne Insam

marketing & social media

Roland Jernej


Laurens Knasar


Svea Muster

marketing & sales support

Thomas Pieber

scrum master

Marcin Rosner

machine learning

Severin Rotman

software development

Patrick Ruprecht

machine learning

Antonius Metry Saad

software development

Darko Stanisavljevic

software development
Peter Stelzer

Peter Stelzer


Andreas Stremayr

software development

Birgit Sükar


Klaus Temmel

industrial partnerships

Johannes Tropper


Michael Windisch


Christian Zink

business unit - data quality