vision systems for achieving excellence

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What we believe in

We live in a visual world. Everything we see we are able to immediately evaluate; we act
on what is important and archive the rest. It’s a brilliant, intuitive, human process,
continuous and highly effective – and we barely even notice it.
ivii has taken the act of seeing as its inspiration for developing highly innovative visual
recognition systems to help transform retail and production logistics.

The aim: to help customers achieve operational excellence
on a whole new level.

Now, as companies turn to digitization to increase efficiency and competitiveness, ivii is helping
them to use the ingenious power of seeing to speed up entire process chains.
A picture says more than a thousand words. We easily understand what we can see. And
so ivii solutions see every detail at the critical points along the whole value chain.
That means spotting quality problems at their root cause. It means avoiding
human errors before they happen. Or guiding people step-by-step through an assembly
process. Or seeing how much packaging is really needed. Or recognizing which goods
are out of date. New applications are everywhere. It’s an exciting journey to discover
them. We believe that seeing is what will make digitization truly

That’s why ivii stands for:
seeing in a digital world.

What we do

We create advanced visual recognition systems for industrial application.
We believe that advances in photo technology and data acquisition will continue at
break-neck speed. We also know that the application areas for visual recognition
technology within any organization are only limited by our imaginations. We have
designed our software to take this into account, so you don’t end up in a
technological dead-end. And we also think that once you see how amazing seeing in a
digital world is, you will want to scale up.

That’s why we offer:
vision technology that is open for
whatever comes next.