Seeing in a digital world

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Passion for simplicity

This is our philosophy. We create image processing solutions that make life easier. Our passion for solutions calls for complex codes, wide-ranging image processing expertise and the tireless motivation of the ivii employees.

Why we do what we do

We work for companies who make grand visions a reality, for people who take on responsibility in sensitive areas and who set high standards for quality and safety in the interest of their customers. People who are open to new perspectives and challenges, and who work passionately to find the perfect solutions. Just like us.

Visibly different

The intelligent image processing system from ivii, which enables optical data to be processed with zero errors, is a visible sign of the close connection we share with our customers. Augmented reality overlays the real environment with virtual information and images. The flexible system captures the quality features of diverse goods. Errors are documented and corrected, even when goods are travelling at high speed or falling.

Man and machine work hand in hand – the intelligent system utilizes the expertise of experienced employees and in turn strengthens their resources with efficient, high-tech solutions. This guarantees that knowledge is shared, which in turn assists in establishing a self-learning organization.


Software, hardware, first-class support and product updates from ivii are all seamlessly tailored to each other. It’s the unique combination of cutting-edge technology and service, which supports companies in diverse segments where high quality and total reliability are musts, including the food, health, automotive, retail, fashion and transport logistics industries, as well as in the areas of service and maintenance. Thanks to the very latest technology, customers around the world stay connected 24/7, 365 days a year, one-to-one with on-site experts or via remote maintenance.

Getting better together

ivii – intelligent visual image identification – we believe this abbreviation to be the answer to the complex problems we come across today. It requires highly developed technologies and partnerships formed by the very best talents. KNAPP, the international logistics corporation, helps us to work on innovative solutions with our dynamic approach and interdisciplinary expertise. We believe that communicating as equals, empathy and mutual trust are vital to success.

These are our guiding values when communicating with customers and working together with our partners.