Seeing in a digital world

Inspired by human vision and its incredible talent, our systems precisely mirror these incredible abilities. Image processing is the basis, artificial intelligence the turbo, ensuring highest quality and optimal process in industry and retail.

The ability to recognize and differentiate allows a human being to make decisions. With their digital vision, ivii gives companies in logistics and production the same ability, providing them with the opportunity to achieve operational excellence on several levels.

ivii vision systems are valuable because they know how things are supposed to look ideally. They detect the smallest deviation from the ideal state that they learned. A crack in a surface, an incomplete delivery, bread buns that turned out too small, an incorrectly assembled drivetrain and much more. This is how errors are detected and corrected. The system learns constantly using AI technologies such as deep learning and machine learning. You can easily teach the system new parts or procedures yourself.

ivii vision systems ensure optimum processes in manufacturing and all along the production and supply chains, whether individual parts must be produced without error or incoming and outgoing goods checked.
Baked goods are rarely identical when they come out of the oven. ivii systems are able to make sure the volumes stay within the acceptable range to fulfill the quality requirements.
Digital vision lets you implement a zero-error strategy in your logistical processes. During ongoing operations, ivii systems work to validate existing master data and generate additional data, such as packaging type, which can be used to further optimize and automate the processes.

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