• Experienced employees are retiring – and their expertise is leaving the company with them
  • Trained and qualified personnel are difficult to find
  • Changing needs of Generation Z
  • Growing challenge of human-technology interaction
  • More specific customer requests and higher quality awareness
  • Continued growth as a requirement for competitiveness on the market


  • Current employees lack the required competencies and skills
  • New technologies are seen as too complex
  • Uncertain if innovations are worth it (ROI)
  • Investment risk

RIKA BLECHKOMPONENTEN has been a pioneer in contract manufacturing for over 25 years.
“We’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to using new technologies in contract manufacturing,” says Reinhard Trippacher, Managing Director of the company. “Since our region has a shortage of qualified personnel, we wanted to find an assembly assistance system that would help employees without technical training build error-free assemblies simply and effectively. The system had to be easy to use and integrate into our processes. We also wanted it to be something that current employees in production planning and quality management could use.  We didn’t want to have to hire any new experts for the new system!

The ivii smartdesk is exactly what we were looking for. It’s easy to use, intuitive to operate and reliable. We can mount parts quickly and precisely – and that’s what our business is all about!

That makes us one of the first companies in Austria using multiple AI (artificial intelligence) based assembly assistance systems – namely, the ivii smartdesks. We see huge potential for them in contract manufacturing for the following reasons:

  • They allow us to select from a wider pool of applicants than ever before by quickly qualifying new employees and employees without previous training.
  • They also help us keep quality high as ever for our customers.”
Portraitfoto Rainhard Trippacher
Reinhard Trippacher, Managing Director of RIKA BLECHKOMPONENTEN
Portraitfoto Ruth Deimbacher

Our ivii smartdesk makes employees’ day-to-day work easier. The system provides training for new and inexperienced employees and guides them through all required work steps. It also checks every step to make sure it was completed correctly. At the end of their shift, employees can go home confident, assured that they’ve done everything right. As a result, error costs are reduced and customer satisfaction increases. In my experience, people have fun working with highly innovative products that are intuitively operated and don’t require IT training to use.

Ruth Deimbacher
Project Manager, ivii

“We’ve created a unique platform for mitigating the effects of the skilled worker shortage, for bridging the gap in qualifications and for helping businesses grow on a large scale,” states Peter Stelzer, Managing Director of ivii GmbH, with conviction. “With our ivii smartdesk – an AI-based assembly assistance system – every assembly leaves the factory quality-controlled and error-free.”



Reinhard Trippacher und Peter Stelzer vor dem ivii smartdesk
Reinhard Trippacher (Managing Director RIKA BLECHKOMPONENTEN) & Peter Stelzer (ivii GmbH)

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