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Agile Vision System

ivii iriis

Production and supply chain problems are diverse, elusive and sometimes hard to define. At the same time, one small irregularity can have far-reaching effects.

ivii iriis immediately detects problems because the AI system working in the background learns from images and feedback to know what to look out for.

With digital vision, you can implement a zero-error strategy without the usual specifications and complex descriptions.

  1. Order ivii irii.
    The ivii iriis box contains everything you need. The software and hardware are ready to start.
  2. Install the box
    You can easily install the ivii iriis box yourself at the desired location. If you want, the ivii team or an ivii partner can do this for you.
  3. Take the reference photos
    About a dozen photos with the correct state and various errors each give the deep learning network what it needs.
  4. Go to lunch
    Or enjoy an hour’s break. The system uses the time to teach itself the differences between the images.
  5. And you’re off!
    ivii iriis is ready to go.
Visual protocols
No more false complaints. One of the basic functions ivii iriis has is to create a visual protocol down to the second. The condition of the goods upon shipping can be traced at any time.
Optical quality check
Discover the smallest deviation in real time. The core functions of ivii iriis include identifying faulty parts in manufacturing. The cameras detect the smallest deviations that remain hidden even to the human eye, a huge element in a zero-defect strategy.
Identify and verify
Keep track of incoming goods. ivii iriis documents all the goods and their condition when they come in. The AI behind digital vision can also identify incorrect deliveries or damaged goods.
Visual packaging optimization
Pack it right for better logistics. When different types of content are packed in larger packages, digital vision can help to optimize this process. Packages that are suboptimally packed are identified for re-packing
Track and trace
Never miss your goods again. ivii iriis ensures that nothing gets lost, even during complex logistics processes and in large warehouses. Any part or package can be quickly identified and traced based on its appearance.
Frequently Asked Questions

A few photos of the desired condition or faulty condition are all that’s needed. The deep learning network can learn, based on the differences, and then apply this knowledge in the future.

The ivii iriis box can also be used as a stand-alone, which uses an indicator light to signal the error. Alternatively, the box can be connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) through a digital interface. Furthermore, the system has a REST API software interface for host integration.

One of the main functions of our system is recording and processing large amounts of data. Using the analytics tools and the dashboard, these data can be read and interpreted. This generates a multitude of new key figures generated for other uses.