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ivii smartdesk

Manually monitoring and correcting work steps is expensive, time consuming and not always possible. Correcting errors and handling complaints result in increased costs and unsatisfied customers.


In contrast, the ivii smartdesk assists with a zero-error strategy. It checks manual work steps digitally and gives the employee visual feedback in real time.

The ability to digitize knowledge and visually guide work steps, simplifies and standardizes the training of new personnel and retains the knowledge in digital form within the company.

Production planning in the automotive industry / Produktionsplanung in der Automobilindustrie

Quality assurance
No more production errors. Within a fraction of a second, the ivii smartdesk checks each work step, thus ensuring that everything is done properly. Employees receive prompt feedback and the certainty that they haven’t made any mistakes.
Increased productivity
Rapidly complete complex tasks. With real-time guidance and immediate feedback, many work steps are easier to do and with greater speed, increasing quality at the same time. With the data gained, you can also continually improve the instructions and make this best practice knowledge accessible to the entire company.
Standardized instructions
Transfer knowledge with precision and speed. Assisted by the integrated monitor and programmed workflow, step-by-step instructions are created and displayed so that, for example, no incorrect procedure is learned. Depending on the skill level of the employee, dynamic adaptation is possible – what’s more, different validation levels can be created according to skill, from junior employee to supervisor.
Data generation
Make better decisions thanks to more data. The ivii smartdesk can record an entire series of data, from item weight to the length of various work steps. With detailed evaluations, bottlenecks as well as unused potential can be discovered.
Item identification
Using optical features, the smart workstation can clearly identify parts and thus help to avoid mix-ups or reduce search times.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is exactly what the teach function is used for. You can easily create new tasks yourself, and the system guides you through the process.

The ivii smartdesk documents every work step digitally and seamlessly. The associated meta data are additionally recorded. These can be used for any necessary documentation obligations.

Of course! The ivii smartdesk is a great help in all those areas where manual work is needed, for example, in distribution or in goods-in or goods-out.